Shallow Queen Planter-in Seaweed
Shallow Queen Planter-in Seaweed
Shallow Queen Planter-in Seaweed

Shallow Queen Planter-in Seaweed

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Shallow Queen planter is the shorter/wider version of our original Queen planter design. Seen here is the seaweed color, which is a greatly balanced green tone.

It comes with the removable glass cylinder. You can easily remove the glass, do the installation, maintenance or replacement of your plant and put it right back in easily.

Size of glass cylinder : Diameter: 9 inches Height : 3 inches

This is a unique design in terms of the form as well as how it functions. 

Height : 8 inches

Diameter: 9 1/2 inches 

The leather used is a premium upholstery leather made in Germany. It is resistant to direct sunlight exposure and won't fade. Most other leathers will fade under direct sunlight after a year or so. 

Please note that the plants seen on pictures are just for display and won't be included in your shipment, unless you're shopping in person in our store.

Please contact us if you'd like to order this style in a different color. Other available colors are Amarillo(yellow), Azur(Blue), Brazil (Brown) and Lagoon(Dark Blue hue)